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Best in class Photographic Equipment

In order to achieve technical perfection on every photograph we take, selection of the best-in-class photographic equipment will be an absolute necessity.   The lenses we use for our work are among the best in optical quality, producing the sharpest images with minimum geometric distortion and chromatic aberration.  Together with professional grade full-frame camera bodies, which produce noise free images with smooth and wide tonal dynamic ranges.  Ultimately, the RAW image files directly out of the camera are already close to perfection, which require minimal digital enhancement.  One of the rules of digital photography is: "Less Digital Enhancement = Less Digital Artifacts = Better Image Quality".

The Magic of HDR Photography

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, a term which applies to scenes with a huge range of brightness.  During daylight hours, there exists a significant difference in brightness and white balance between exterior and interior of your property, in order to maintain correct colour & exposure which favour interior lighting conditions, parts of the image with exterior lighting are usually over-exposed (Adjust the slider to the right).  With HDR photography, we can achieve the best of both worlds by creating the perfectly exposed image (Adjust slider to the left) by combining a series of shots with different exposure values, which covers the full dynamic range of the scene.  As a result, it yields a much more aesthetically pleasing image.  This is the standard practice we provide for our real-estate photography services.

Perspective Distortion Correction

When the scene has a high ceiling, sometimes it's inevitable for the need to tilt the camera slightly upwards in order to include the upper section of the scene.  However, there is a downside when the picture was taken with the camera tilted, which generates an unpleasant perspective distortion with all the vertical lines slended at an angle.  This problem can exaggerate when using a wide angle lens, which in most cases are being used for real-estate images.  Aside from the unpleasant look, everything in the images including vertical columns and furniture will be distorted with an awkward appearance.  Unless it's specifically requested by our clients to submit distorted images, it's our standard procedure to correct all perspective distortions. 

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